Library Orientation

Rationale for the Library Orientation

We all know that a core component of the GE coursework is to support students as they transition to college. Depending upon their personal backgrounds and experiences, our students may be unfamiliar with library resources or they may experience anxiety at the thought of entering our libraries and using these resources. On the other side of the coin, student use of library resources is tied directly to undergraduate degree completion and academic engagement.

In support of our students, the KSU Library System is offering two different orientation options in Fall 2020, the synchronous Library Online Orientation Program (LOOP) and the asynchronous Library Experience Asynchronous Programing (LEAP).

Details About the Orientation

In this 35-minute live and interactive webinar, a librarian will present students with an overview of library resources and services. Throughout the session, librarians will push questions to students via their smart phones and respond in real-time. All orientation sessions are pre-scheduled and designed to take place during normally scheduled class times. To participate, register for the session that works with your schedule. Best of all, you just need to register once per section and attend as a class.

Go to the LOOP (LIVE) Registration Page!

Details About the Library Experience Asynchronous Programming

In this series of mini-modules, students will learn how to search for books and academic articles, get help from librarians, and use our library services. The mini-modules are mobile-compliant, and each module only takes a few minutes to complete. Upon completion, students will receive a confirmation email that documents their participation in LEAP. All modules can be embedded within D2L! 



For general questions about LOOP or LEAP, please contact Leslie Drost at

For questions about library instruction, please contact Christina Holm at