Library Orientation

Rationale for the Library Orientation

We all know that a core component of the first-year seminar is to support students as they transition to college. At a basic level, students are asked to learn course material, and at an advanced level, students are asked to perform independent research. We also know (through experience) that our university libraries contain the space and resources to support those activities. But how do our students conceptualize the library? Depending upon their personal backgrounds and experiences, our students may be unfamiliar with library resources or they may experience anxiety at the thought of entering our libraries and using their resources. On the other side of the coin, student use of library resources is tied directly to undergraduate degree completion and academic engagement.

Starting in Spring 2019, the KSU Library System is partnering with the First-Year Seminar Program to bring our students an asynchronous library orientation. This asynchronous orientation will introduce students to our libraries’ spaces and research resources.

Details About the Orientation

  • This orientation should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Upon completion students will receive a copy of their orientation score via email.

How to Participate

Because this orientation is held asynchronously, you’ll need to provide your students with the following information:

  1. Your course CRN (students will be asked for this information).
  2. The orientation link:
  3. A reminder that student email addresses are the

How to Verify Student Participation

As a highly recommended element of the First-Year Seminar, you may wish to verify that your students have completed this orientation. You may verify that your students have completed the orientation by collecting the score that students receive upon completing the orientation.


For questions about incorporating the Library Orientation into your syllabus or gradebook, contact the Director of First-Year Seminars, Nirmal Trivedi, at

For questions about accessing the Library Orientation or other technical issues, contact the First-Year Experience Librarian, Leslie Drost, at

For general questions about library instruction, contact Christina Holm at